UKH Shifts on-Campus Classes to Online

2 months ago

UKH Shifts on-Campus Classes to Online 

The management of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) decided to shift all on-campus classes to online starting from 1 April through 15 April 2021 amid sharp increase of Covid-19 cases in the recent weeks. This decision came after the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) statement on 31 March to restrict movement and enforce safety measures across the region to limit the spread of covid-19. 

UKH management informed all students and staff (via email) about the decisions made on Wednesday 31 March 2021, which includes shifting all classes to online except for practical sessions such as lab hours, presentations and seminars. Practical sessions, however will continue on campus with careful safety measures such as social distancing and wearing masks. Additionally, all safety measures adopted at UKH since the beginning of the pandemic are to be further enforced. 

UKH modifications made on the adopted blended learning system came after a series of intensive meetings and are in the light of KRG’s health and safety measures against the further spread of the pandemic.

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