The State of Heritage Conservation Practice in Iraq

February 18, 2024

On Friday 16th February 2024, UKH Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) partnered with the Grantmakers in Cultural Heritage Protection (G-CheP) and the Academic Research Institute in Iraq (TARII) to organise a special full-day workshop and panel discussion titled “The State of Heritage Conservation Practice in Iraq”.

The Convening brought together members from the G-CHeP as well as local experts and partners to reflect on the past decade of conservation practice in Iraq, and the Kurdistan Region. The panel discussions, presentations and key note speeches served as an opportunity to discuss current challenges in heritage protection, regional collaboration as well as new horizons in Iraqi Heritage.

Local speakers, from Basrah to Erbil, as well as international experts and funders reflected upon the past decade of conservation practices, delved into the current challenges faced in protecting heritage in Iraq, and explored opportunities for regional collaboration, and envisioned new horizons for Iraqi heritage.

The event started with opening remarks from UKH President Prof. Dr. Keith Sharp, Dr. Ali Obaid Shalgham, General Director of Iraqi State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, Kaifi Ali, KRG Directorate General of Antiquities and Heritage and Will Raynolds from the G-CHeP Network.

Before closure, UKH CES signed a memorandum of understanding with TARII. This collaboration marks a significant step towards fostering academic

excellence, research innovation, and environmental sustainability.

The MOU encapsulates our shared vision for advancing academic research, cultural heritage preservation, and environmental initiatives. Its provisions outline the mutual commitments and responsibilities that both institutions pledge to uphold in the pursuit of excellence.