Water Quality Centre

The UKH Water Quality Centre provides water quality testing services under the supervision of highly qualified specialists. Our laboratory is fully equipped with facilities specializing in analyzing different water parameters. We offer a wide range of analytical services to measure the quality of water in your area and compare it with the World Health Organization and Iraqi standards.


Even though water may be clear, it is often necessary to demonstrate whether it is safe for drinking. UKH took the initiative to open the Water Quality Centre to investigate issues of water quality in Kurdistan.

Highly – trained laboratory staff technicians and specialists in chemistry and microbiology with the backing of an established water and environmental engineering department, are qualified to perform laboratory tests in order to produce reliable and precise data to support scientific investigations.


  • Survey of various kinds of water sources.
  • Carrying out a wide range of physical, chemical, and microbiological tests.
  • Detection of failures to meet drinking water standard violations to determination of the environmental state and analysis of water quality.

Water Quality Tests

Physical and chemical tests for measuring water quality

 5.Dissolved oxygen$10
8.Nitrates NO3$25
9.Sulfate SO4$25

Test for Metals

 5.Chromium $50

Microbiological Tests

 1.Total Coliform$40
 2.Fecal Coliform$40
XRF testsCost
Samples without crushing30$
Samples needs crushing50$

Opening Hours

Sunday to Thursday

8:30 A.M – 4:30 P.M

Contact Number:

+964 (0)751 2301482