As part of the University of Kurdistan Hewler's (UKH) Strategy, which seeks to integrate research as a fundamental component of UKH's identity alongside teaching, the Research and External Engagement Office was established. This office not only provides crucial functions and infrastructure to support the research enterprise but also plays a vital role in coordinating and advocating for the advancement of research at UKH. Various activities have been employed to effectively implement our strategy and progress toward the university's mission and vision. The Research Office and External Engagement at UKH actively fosters research opportunities and offers extensive support to researchers. This encompasses facilitating collaboration and providing the necessary physical, human, and financial infrastructure to bolster research endeavors. Furthermore, the office handles communication, announcements, and follow-ups related to both national and international research funding opportunities. It also diligently assesses applications for funds that promise to add value, ensuring the efficient execution of research projects. UKH maintains an unwavering focus on devising incentives and measures that enhance the quality and quantity of research activities. This objective holds significant and ongoing importance at every stage within the university's framework.