Quality Assurance and Accreditation

Why Quality?
University of Kurdistan Hawler (UKH) consists of a diverse society of students, academics, scientists and admin staff who are responsible for offering a high standard education in different areas. The main purpose of QA is to ensure that good quality of education is offered, ensure that internationally recognised academic standards are achieved, and provide students with knowledge and skills that are relevant to the job market locally and internationally. Our procedures and processes for QA are compatible with the Quality Assurance policies of a number of international universities. 


The message of our quality assurance program is to assure students of the academic standards offered within the university. The purpose of the program is to create an environment in which members of the society believe in education, learning, and research processes of the higher education system in the UKH. Our Quality Assurance system helps to attain a high standard and developing them in a way so that they reach the standards of excellence for which international universities are renowned. Our alumnae are proud with degrees from UKH because they know that they have achieved the same quality as competitive universities elsewhere in the world.


The vision of Quality Assurance & Accreditation at UKH is to set and monitor total quality standards that lead to the local and international accreditation and community satisfaction.


To achieve the objectives of the university on issues relating to quality and academic accreditation. To strengthen efforts to move the university academically and professionally to the ranks of the best universities locally and regionally. To promote a culture of quality among members of the university. To monitor performance assessment and quality assurance of academic and administrative units and. To deliver high-quality information and services for research, data analysis, decision support, and strategic planning for institutional effectiveness.Teaching Quality Assurance (TQA)
TQA is concerned with reporting, monitoring, record keeping and decision making. It has also concerns with the actual contents (curriculum) of our teaching, and the actual teaching methods. Assessment and peer review are top measures in the process of TQA. All members of UKH teaching staff are experiencing a number of assessments by the students, Heads of Departments (HoD), Deans of the Schools (DoS) and by the external assessors. The performances of HoDs and DoSs, both academically and managerially, are assessed by the teaching staff.

Continuous Academic development (CAD):
This program is about various academic activities that are held weekly in all schools and departments in the UKH. The main objective of this program is to update the knowledge of the academic staff and to assure our under-graduate (UG) and post-graduate (PG) students of the academic standards offered within the University.

UKH believes that the best and the most effective method of updating education is via active participation. This can only be achieved through research, analysis and presenting research outcomes at seminars organised by Departments and Schools. All teaching staff under the supervision of the DoS will lay down a plan periodically for the academic seminars. And at the start of the each semester they publish a list of seminars with their titles on the websites. This may encourage exchange visits among academics of different institutes in the Kurdistan Region.


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Quality Assurance & AccreditationPolicy for Academic Publications POL/QAA/01006/07/2017Academic StaffApproved
Quality Assurance & AccreditationGuidance for Authors Preparing Manuscripts for UKH Journals  POL/QAA/011  06/07/2017Academic StaffApproved
Quality Assurance & AccreditationSOP on Submitting
Manuscripts to UKH Journals
  POL/QAA/012 06/07/2017Academic StaffApproved