From COP28 to UKH Campus

January 31, 2024

UKH Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) collaborated with KRG’s Environmental Protection Board, UNICEF, Regreening International Company, and Together to protect Human and Environment Association for an Environmental Conservation programme titled: “From Cop28 to UKH Campus.”

The event was held in UKH auditorium on 31 January 2024. However, it also marked UKH’s initial steps towards a greener campus. This event also served as a platform for the convergence of local and international experts, esteemed academics, and government officials.

UKH participants also shed the light on our plans and upcoming projects related to the promotion of environmental protection and the university’s actions towards a greener campus.

Additionally, our panelists and speakers dived into detailed discussions on challenges posed by climate change, scrutinise the outcomes of Cop 28, and proposed innovative solutions for sustainable environmental practices.

The event commenced with opening remarks by UKH president Prof. Dr. Keith Sharp who mentioned that UKH takes a significant step forward in its commitment to environmental sustainability by implementing initiatives for a greener campus, fostering a harmonious balance between education and a sustainable, eco-friendly environment.

Noor Khalid is a civil engineer and a CES member, delivered a thorough presentation which underlined the severe realities of climate change in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region. The UN ranks Iraq as the 5th most vulnerable country to climate change, with rising temperatures, droughts, and the loss of trees and springs in the Kurdistan Region. Water challenges loom large, with predicted decreases in precipitation and increased temperatures by 2050.

Panelists shared valuable insights on the urgent need for sustainable practices, the socio-economic implications of climate change, and innovative solutions emerging from COP28 agreements. Their expertise shed light on the collaborative efforts required to address environmental challenges, emphasizing the role of academic institutions in fostering awareness and driving change.

A key highlight was the open discussion session, where attendees actively engaged with panelists, posing thought-provoking questions and contributing to a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Ramie Samie, CEO of Regreening International Company, shared his insights on “Climate Change Solutions Toward Sustainability” with a focus on powering the UKH Campus through solar energy. This initiative spearheads a drive for energy independence and cost savings, and creating a living lab for innovation in renewable energy. As the conclusion of this collaboration, both parties signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU).