Dr Hamed Presents Paper on Haibat Sultan Tunnels

2 years ago

Dr Hamed Muhammed al-Issawi from the Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Management presented a paper in the 14th International Conference on Underground Construction Prague in June 2019.

Dr Hamed’s paper was titled “Portal Landslide Analysis of the New Haibat Sultan Tunnels in Koya, Kurdistan Region – Iraq.”

The paper looks into issues of cracks and stability of slope of the tunnels which started to develop a few years ago.

He concluded the presentation by giving several recommendations, including increasing the stability of the slope by constructing shotcrete and rock bolting support further ahead along the tunnel portal within the limestone beds, constructing of benches, detailed inspection of existing tension cracks, the installation of horizontal and sub-horizontal drains into the slope of the mountain, amongst others.

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