Progression to the University of Huddersfield

April 28, 2024

Academic Year of 2024-2025

Application Process and Requirements

UKH has signed a progression agreement with the University of Huddersfield, located in the UK.

The partnership will enable our students to study at the University of Huddersfield, advancing their education and earning dual degrees at the end of their studies.

We were delighted to receive a delegation today to discuss the implementation of this partnership and opportunities that will be available for our students.

We held an information session for students progressing to the University in the next academic year.

The University of Huddersfield has been rated Gold in all three aspects of the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) 2023 according to UK education standards. It was the only university in Yorkshire and the Humber and the Northwest to achieve Gold ratings in all three aspects of the TEF among those announced in September 2023. Their academic staff rank in the top three in England for the proportion who hold doctorates, who have higher degrees, and hold teaching qualifications (HESA 2022).

We would like to recognise the support and services of Britannia Educational Services and Consultancy for enabling this partnership and accompanying our students towards continuing their studies in the UK.

What is Next?

Through this progression agreement, interested students will be awarded dual degrees by the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr and the University of Huddersfield.

Check out University of Huddersfield here


Open only to UKH Students of the following schools and programmes

  • UGIII – School of Computer Engineering, all programmes.
  • UGIII – School of Management and Economics, all programmes.
  • UGIII – School of Social Sciences, BA in English programme.

*Please do not apply if you are not a student in one of the above programs for AY 2023-2024

Awarded Degrees

SchoolUKH Awarded DegreeHuddersfield Awarded Degree
School of Science and Engineering (UKH)   School of Computing and Engineering (Huddersfield)  BSc Computer Engineering  BSc Applied Computing BSc Information Technology  
School of Management and Economics (UKH)     School of Business, Education and Law (Huddersfield)BSc Economics & Finance   BSc Business Management   BSc Business Administration Management  BA Business Accounting   BA Business with Financial Services  
School of Business, Education and LawBA English  BA TESOL  

Entry Requirements

  1. Successful completion of UKH degree with overall grade of 65%
  2. Recognised English language qualification:
TestGrade RequirementValidity
Cambridge English Advanced  Grade C  No expiry  
IELTS (Academic) Online test is not accepted.  6.0 with no lower than 5.5 in any element.  2 Years
TOEFL  87 overall (Reading 22, Listening 21, Speaking 23, Writing 21)  2 Years
Pearson Test of Academic English (PTE) Home Edition is not accepted  Overall – 66 Listening – 59 minimum  Reading – 59 minimum  Writing – 59 minimum  Speaking – 59 minimum2 Years
GCSE or GCE ‘O’ level  Grade C  No Expiry

Fees and Scholarships*

Type of courseAmount GBP Per Year
Business & Education  £16,500 ($20,500)  
Computing & Engineering  £17,600 ($21,900)  
GradeScholarship (GBP)
65 – 69%  £2,000 ($2,500)  
70 – 79%  £3,000 ($3,700)  
80%£4000 ($5,000)  

*Awarded automatically, for every year of the course

Key Dates

Courses startSeptember 2024
Applications close  30 June  
Conditions deadline  31 July  
Enrolment starts  9 September  

Application steps

  1. Submit interest to UKH through the following registration form:
  2. Start application process: You can begin your application process by contacting UKH and University of Huddersfield authorized local representative to start your application process.  

Britannia Educational Services & Consultancy, on the following phone numbers and address:

[email protected]

(+964) 750 721 1562

(+964) 750 721 1563

Address: Erbil: Zanayari Qr.,

Britannia will support with:

  • Guidance on step-by-step application process
  • Receiving conditional acceptance
  • Providing an orientation program before travels in collaboration with UKH
  • Guidance on finding accommodation
  • Guidance on life and work in the UK during studies
  • UK Student Visa Application
  • Any other logistical support relevant to your studies and life in the UK

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please submit it in the following channel: Progression to the University of Huddersfield | General | Microsoft Teams