A Drilling Rig Prototype Created by Students

1 year ago

Students of the Department of Natural Resources Engineering and Management created a prototype of a drilling rig.

The Rig Prototype Project is a Society for Petroleum Engineering (SPE) project prepared by UKH-SPE Student Chapter for the purpose of better understanding of Conventional Rotary Drilling Rig mechanism and demonstration of the main equipment found on the rigs.

Supported by Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar and acting dean of School of Science and Engineering Dr Soorkeu Atrooshi, the project was under the supervision of Professor Akram Hamoodi and led by Lawen Hawezi, a UG4 student of petroleum engineering who is meanwhile the President of SPE chapter.

The Rig Rrototype Project reflects the conventional rigs that are utilized by drilling companies in the oil industry. The prototype helps petroleum engineering students to better recognize the tools that are essential for drilling rigs. Additionally, the rig prototype will facilitate the understanding of the mechanism behind Rotary Drilling Rigs and its functions.

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