World Earth Day Celebrated at UKH

3 years ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler celebrated the World Earth Day as part of its commitment to environmental protection and sustainability policy.

On Monday, UKH hosted a display for the civil society organization that work in the area of environmental protection. There was also a poster presentation for students who have a solution to an environmental issue.

Additionally, it also held a series of talks for practitioners and activists on addressing environmental issues. In his welcome speech, Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar referred to the observable climate changes happening around the world and particularly in Kurdistan. The Vice-Chancellor said that UKH is seriously committed to environmental protection, such as recycling of plastic bottles and printing of papers.

In his talk, Dr Baroz Aziz, Chair of Department of Natural Resources and Engineering Management, highlighted the human factor’s role in climate change and environmental degradation. He was followed by Mr Farman Khalil Ghaffoori, head of Department of Environment and Municipal Services at the Erbil Governorate, who outlined the issues that faces his department. Mr Ghaffoori mentioned that the composition of Erbil solid waste has around 35% plastic and 27% food waste. He also mentioned that on a monthly basis over 2 million dollars is spend on the collection and transportation of solid waste in Erbil. He added that the most serious issue they have is lack of advanced and large recycling compounds that is crucially needed to recycle the 2000 tons per day waste in Erbil.

Mr Ghaffoori’s talk was followed by each of Muhamad Sidiq Barzani, an award winning nature photographer and conservationist, and Dr Sulaiman Tameer, head of Kurdistan Organization for Animal Rights.   

At the end of the day, the students and participants who had a poster presentation were given certificate of appreciation by Dr Baroz.

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