Dr Anaid Presented Seminar on Nahrein Network Funding Opportunities

1 year ago

Dr. Anwar Anaid, Dean of School of Social Sciences and Director of CCHH participated in a workshop organized by the Iraqi Institute for the Conservation of Antiquities and Heritage (IICAH). 

In the workshop, Dr. Anaid introduced the collaborative project between UKH, University College London, and University of Oxford’s Ashmolean Museum (collectively known as the Nahrein Network). He briefed the participants on the funding opportunities provided by the Nahrein Network and encouraged professionals in the field of cultural heritage to apply for these opportunities and conduct interdisciplinary research aiming to: better understand the current situation, raise the profile of local expertise, improve the job prospects of the region's youth, help heritage organisations better serve local needs, and help post-conflict healing and reconciliation. 

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