UKH, Environmental Board to Collaborate on Environmental Issues

1 year ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler will be collaborating on environmental issues with the Kurdistan Environmental Protection and Improvement Board (KEPIB).

On Tuesday, the Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar and Head of KEPIB Dr Hallo Askari signed a memorandum of understanding at UKH. The MoU intends to provide evidence-based solutions to the environmental issues in the Kurdistan Region, provide intellectual and organizational consulting, and train human resources.

“One of the key purposes in founding UKH is to support and develop the institutions and programmes of the Kurdistan Regional Government,” said the Vice-Chancellor. “This MoU will become a practical collaboration between a university and a government body as both sides have serious intention in addressing the environmental issues in Kurdistan.”

On his part, Dr Askari highlighted several areas of work such as air pollution that the two parties can jointly help improve. He also said that they have chosen UKH as the first academic institution for such collaboration due to the fine academic standards of the university.

A joint advisory committee will be formed to implement and evaluate the provisions of this MoU.

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