A Workshop on UKH Maintaining the Top Ranking

3 years ago

In a workshop held on Wednesday 20th of February 2019, Dr. Sherwan Kafoor and Professor Salah Yahya from the Quality Assurance & Accreditation office addressed all teaching staff, head of departments and deans of UKH how to maintain the top position achieved last year in the National University Ranking process under the regulation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MHE).


In the workshop, a new computerised mechanism was proposed and explained by Professor Yahya in order to achieve the best outcome in Students’ Learning and other QA procedures such as Students’ Feedback, Teachers’ Portfolio and Continuous Academic Development (CAD).


The workshop also covered areas that UKH being deservedly awarded commendable degrees by ASIC in (i) Health & Safety, (ii) Learning and Teaching; course delivery, (iii) Student Welfare, (iv) Management and Staff Resources, (v) Quality Assurance and Enhancement, and (vi) Marketing and Recruitment. In his talk, Dr. Kafoor emphasized on complying with a number of points that were recommended by ASIC in their awarding report.   

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