PhD Candidate Presents Paper in Sweden on Private Sector Development in Rentier States

1 year ago

A PhD student of economics presented his research in a seminar at Jonkoping University in Sweden.

Goran Mustafa is a PhD candidate in Economics at UKH who’s dissertation is titled “Private Sector Development and Diversification of Income to Reduce Dependency on Natural Resources,” under the supervision of Dr. Nabaz Khayatt (Principal Supervisor) and Professor Almas Heshmati (External Supervisor). Mr Mustafa is researching an economic model to develop private sector and reduce oil dependency in the Kurdistan Region.

On February 22nd, he presented his discussion paper to a scholarly audience at the Jonkoping University, home to his second (external) supervisor. His paper attempts to identity the development factors of the private sector in natural resources dependent countries. His findings reveal that natural resource rents can foster development of the private sector, but the speed of adjustment in countries with oil and gas resources towards optimal level of development is faster than countries without oil and gas resources. 

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