Expert Panel Discusses Plans to Regulate Migration in Kurdistan

3 years ago

An expert panel on Thursday discussed the issue of migration push factors, risks and dangers of irregular migration, host countries policies, impact of migration on Kurdistan's community, and creating favorable environment for safe and legal migrations.


The panelists were Dr Heja Sindi from UKH’s Kurdistan Business School; Jalal Mohammed, member of the Parliament and a former police commissioner; Bryar Muhammed Kakarash,a  local migration expert at The Migrants Project; and Dastan Qader, Director of Programmes at Rwanga Foundation.


Mr Kakarash mentioned their organization’s attempts to prevent the irregular migration and highlighted how they are enlightening the youth to understand the realities of human trafficking and final destinations policies.


Migration and movement is a basic human right, said Dr Sindi, adding that increasingly more and more people develop a global citizen identity for which they want to explore the world.


“However, the education system should be able to educate students and the youth to match the current working environments in Kurdistan.”


He also called on the government and the parliament to pass certain policies on managing the diaspora and relocation policies, as well as developing stronger agreements with countries to control smuggling activities.


The Director of Programmes at Rwanga Foundation Dastan Qader referred to the various programs and projects they have for developing skills and enabling job opportunities.


“At Rwanga, we have the Foras Jobs platform which is a facilitation between jobseekers and employers to find the right job for the right people,” he said. “We have also countless projects that concentrates on developing the skills of the youth and prepare them for the current environment.”


The former police commissioner and current MP Jalal Mohammed highlighted the legal context with regard to smuggling activities.


“It is extremely difficult to apply our laws on most of the irregular migration activities since they occur in second countries, like Turkey. Therefore, we need to build understandings and agreements with other countries to restrict any sort of irregular activities. We also need to improve our current laws to make it applicable to everyone that engages in any step in this irregular migration.

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