Chief of Staff to KRG PM Safeen Dizayee Visits UKH

3 years ago

Mr Safeen Dizayee, Chief of Staff to Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and spokesman of the Kurdistan Regional Government, visited the University of Kurdistan Hewler on Wednesday.


Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar received Mr Dizayee, and they discussed the UKH’s recent achievements including the international recognition from the UK-based ASIC organization and the UKH being announced the top university of the entire Kurdistan Region. They also discussed the mechanisms to improve the high standards of education at the university.

Mr Dizayee first attended the two-day-long World Scholar’s Cup Erbil Round that began on Tuesday. The event is a competition for students enrolled at the Kurdistan Region schools.


He took the opportunity to check the UKH campus with its various departments, and finally held a meeting with deans to discuss progresses within their schools.

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