UKH Ranks First Among Kurdistan Universities

8 months ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewlêr is the top public university in the Kurdistan Region in four categories out of eight including excellence in research, the Minister of the Higher Education and Scientific Research announced Wednesday in a press conference.

The UKH is the top university in the fields of conducting research, holding  international activities, providing excellent library and academic resources, and job creations, Minister Yousif Goran revealed as he unveiled the list of the rankings of the Kurdistan Region universities.

The UKH is also second and third in terms of staff to student ratio, and student satisfaction, respectively.

“We are proud that we ranked the top university in the entire Kurdistan Region,” said the Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar.

“UKH is committed to academic excellence. The results announced today is the fruit of the UKH’s commitment to the highest standards of the higher education,” he continued.

UKH has been a pioneer since its foundation more than a decade ago. It introduced the first independent public English-medium university in the Kurdistan Region that follows British universities curriculum.

Dr Sherwan Kafour, Director of the UKH’s Quality Assurance and Accreditation, said that the UKH’s high performance is due to the continued reforms the UKH is conducting in line with the international standards.

The UKH  has already managed to move forward in pursuit of getting recognized by the UK-based ASIC, the international academic body that offers international accreditation to universities and other educational organizations.

An ASIC team visited the UKH last month to inspect the UKH’s quality of education.

Once the UKH is accredited by the international body, the University will become the first and only higher education institution to join the A group list of the Ministry of Higher Education, Dr Mochtar said.

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