UK Consul General Meets with Vice-Chancellor, Holds Open Discussion with UKH Students

2 years ago

The UK General Consul Martyn Warr paid a visit to the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr on Tuesday where he met with UKH Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar, academic staff and held an open discussion with some of the students.

The aim of the visit is to maintain and improve the relationship between the UKH as a leading English-medium public university and the UK consulate, the Consul said.

Mr Warr and the UKH students held an open discussion regarding the current socio-economic and political dynamics of the Kurdistan Region, especially with regard to the youths.

Mr Warr said that he wanted to communicate with the students knowing that the future of the Kurdistan Region belongs to them, and that UKH students who have access to quality education are in a good position to shape the Kurdish policies both in private and public sectors.

The Consul General explained the tasks of the British consulate to the students in the fields of security--that they provide training to the Kurdish Peshmerga--helping the local communities to restore stability post ISIS conflict, and the role of the British consulate to promote the UK-based businesses.

He also took the opportunity to introduce the UK scholarship programme Chevening, and that they are also interested to work on building collaborations between the UKH and UK education institutions.

The UKH has already established a partnership with  the UK-based University College London (UCL), and Oxford through the Nahrein Network that is aimed to promote research in the fields of heritage, culture and humanities by offering research grants to Kurdish and Iraqi researchers.

Dr Anwar Anaid, Director of the UKH’s Centre for Centre on Culture, History, and Humanities for Sustainable Development (CCHH)--a partner to the Nahrein Network--also welcomed Mr Warr in his office to explain the objectives and progress made in their partnership with the Network.

The CCHH earlier this month  officially introduced the Nahrein Network and the opportunities available to researchers in an event held at the UKH main campus.

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