UKH Holds its Eighth Graduation Ceremony with a Promise to Remain a Pioneer, the class of 2018

1 year ago

The University of Kurdistan Hewler held its eighth graduation ceremony on Thursday in an event attended by the Vice-Chancellor Mohammed Mochtar and KRG officials at Saad Abdullah Hall in Erbil.

Dr Mochtar presented a speech to the students, their parents and loved ones as well the guests. He congratulated the 187 students, bachelorette and master graduates, who successfully completed their studies in 2018. He said that the UKH will stay true to its motto that aims to promote the Kurdistan Region through Academic Excellence, and that the objective is always to be a pioneer.

He announced the UKH will soon announce the creation of career service center that will put students and job providers in touch.

The UKH founded in 2006 as the first public, English-medium university in the Kurdistan Region, is now one of the best universities with four school and eleven departments including the School of Sciences that has its own academic hospital.

Mr Safeen Dizayee, chief of staff to the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, read a message on behalf of PM Barzani who is also the UKH Chancellor. He welcomed the progress made by the UKH since its foundation more than a decade ago, adding that the Kurdish government will provide whatever it can to help the universities in the Region to flourish, both public and private.

Mohammed Ali, one of the top students from the Politics and International Relations Department, represented the 2018 graduating students.

He said that he is so happy that the UKH gave him and hundreds of other students the opportunity to receive quality education so close to home. He compared the UKH to a gym with lifetime membership that helps its students fully prepared to to do the heavy lifting when they enter the outside world.

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