Vice-Chancellor Mochtar Receives SEED Head, UK and US Consul Generals

2 years ago

UKH Vice-Chancellor Mohammed Mochtar received the president of the SEED Organization Sherri Talabani who was accompanied by the heads of the United Kingdom and United States Consulates to Erbil, and the president of the Koya University.

Dr Mochtar and Mrs. Talabani discussed the prospect for joint co-operations and providing academic training for the local community, especially with regard to social issues facing the Kurdish Region. The two sides agreed to meet in the future to further discuss such opportunities.

Mrs Talabani said that she was very happy for the reception at the UKH and that her organization is willing to maintain a good relationship with the UKH. She agreed to hold a follow-up meeting with the UKH Vice-Chancellor aimed at using the university’s academic resources and facilities to conduct future trainings and programmes.

US Consul General Steven Fagin and his British Counterpart Martyn Warr also expressed their intentions to create and strengthen their ties to the UKH, the only public, English-medium university in the Kurdistan Region.

The United States mission already funds the American Corner at the UKH, an organization that promotes American culture, education and provides training.

Dr Mochtar took the opportunity to also welcome Dr Wali Hamad, president of the Koya University, saying that he was delighted to welcome him and praised the Koya University’s academic performance.

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