Dutch delegation discuss economy, academic relations with Dean of SSS

2 years ago

On Sunday 08 September 2018, a Dutch delegation headed by Consul General Willem Nicolaas Cosijn paid a visit to the University of Kurdistan-Hewler to discuss a range of issues including appropriate policies for economic and private sector development in the Kurdistan Region.

Dr Anwar Anaid, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, welcomed Mr. Nicholas and his accompanied delegation. He briefed the delegation about the current political and economic situation of the Kurdistan Region and the wider country. The two sides discussed prospects for developing Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), private sector development, entrepreneurship environment and the overall political economy of the region.

A range of options for private sector development  particularly in the agricultural sector in the context of the oil-based economy of the region, were discussed. Dr Anwar Anaid emphasized most of the issues that the Kurdistan region and Iraq are facing are of a macro political economy nature. Therefore, the overall economic developmental policies, the promotion of private sector and SMEs need to consider the implication of such macro factors on micro-economic policies in the region.

Dr Andrés De Castro García, chair of the Department of Politics and International Relations, and Mr Ari Mamshae, head of the Public Relations, also attended the meeting. The Dutch delegation included members of the Dutch Foreign Affairs Ministry, Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the country’s embassy in Iraq.

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