Association of Arab Universities Praise UKH Standards

2 years ago

A delegation from the Association of Arab Universities (AAU) visited the University of Kurdistan Hewler on Thursday.

The delegation was led by Dr Amr Ezzat Salama the Secretary General of the AAU and former minister of Egypt?s higher education. The AAU has been established in 1965 and has currently 360 member universities.

UKH Vice-Chancellor Dr Mohammed Mochtar briefed the delegation about the University?s founding principles and the achievements since 2006. He highlighted the strategy of the University in contributing to the people and government of Kurdistan Region by educating market-ready students, developing the learning environment for students, producing high-quality research, and achieving high student satisfaction. The Vice-Chancellor also explained the University?s administrative procedures in recruiting students and staff, departmental functions, and evaluation and monitoring.

The delegation, who took a tour around the University?s campus, commended UKH for its performance and vision and noted UKH?s distinctive operation in Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Dr Salama expressed the AAU?s willingness to develop academic relations between UKH and AAU member universities and wished for such cooperation to develop in the future.

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