Explaining Solar Chimney Seminar

10 months ago

Dr.  Soorkeu A. M. Atrooshi, Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering department, presented the 9th lunch seminar of the 2nd season on January 4th, 2018.

The presentation included explaining the concept of solar chimney (solar updraft tower). It also identified the main components and compared it with other similar forms of chimney effect and solar tower. Then it referred to the development of the concept and the actual experience in Manzanarez Spain, also the futuristic hopes. The analytical concept was briefly mentioned with reference to approximate equations for the calculation of the main parameters. 

The presentation also referred to the global research and topics of interest. Finally it presented a review on the work that has been done in Kurdistan, regarding the construction and testing of solar chimney since 2013, going over the development of the concept through an MSc project that ended in 2017 and the ongoing work in a PhD project, working on the experimental investigation. 

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