UKH hosted an Agricultural Conference

2 years ago

UKH hosted an Agricultural Conference by Czech Republic?s Ministry of Agriculture and Caritas organization.

On the 11th of September 2017, the University of Kurdistan Hewler hosted a conference by Czech Republic?s Ministry of Agriculture and Caritas organization. The conference, titled ?The future of environmentally friendly agribusiness in Kurdistan: strategies and challenges?, was an initiative of the aforementioned organization towards cooperating with the Kurdistan Regional Government?s Ministry of Agriculture, in an effort to find sustainable solutions in the agribusiness sector in the Kurdistan Region.

The conference discussed the agricultural challenges facing farmers in Kurdistan, upcoming strategies and possible solutions for the future. KRG?s Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Abdulstar Majeed identified the aims of the conference by illustrating the current conditions, challenges and the future plans of the cooperation between the KRG and Czech Republic. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan Hewler, Dr. Mohammed Mochtar, emphasized the importance of the role of the agricultural sector in developing the economy of Kurdistan and meeting its future Challenges and needs. Dr. Mochtar suggested that farmers should be provided with micro loans. Through financial support, farmers will be able to use the loans toward their necessities and setting plans to pay those loan back while increasing their agribusiness profit margins.

Caritas Czech Republic is a non-governmental organization based in the Czech Republic, with over 20 years of experience at home and abroad. Globally, CCR has successfully implemented emergency relief and development aid interventions in over 20 countries.

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