UKH?s continual stride toward enacting its Mission in KRG

3 years ago

Following the directives of the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor, UKH is focusing on establishing ties with KRG Ministers to amend and adjust its teaching and research programmes to better meet their objectives.

On the 26th of April 2017, senior staff from the Ministry of Natural Resources met with the Dean of the School of Natural Resources at UKH and exchanged views and ideas to take this objective forward.

The visitors, Dr. Mohamed Atroshi, Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Haval, later meet with the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Mohammed Mochtar who further reinforced those objectives and stressed the mission of UKH in this respect being instrumental in providing professional and skilled graduates to support the KRG development programmes. 

It is planned that an MOU will be signed to pave a road map for this collaboration

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