Qatar Consul General Visits UKH

June 20, 2023

Qatar Consul General in Erbil Mr. Meshaal Abdulla Al Hajrri visited the University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH) on June 20 2023. He was warmly welcomed by UKH President Prof. Dr. Keith Sharp and Vice President Prof. Dr. Dana Mawlood.

Professor Sharp gave an overview on UKH’s background, current status and future plans to the Consul General. He also emphasized on UKH’s internationalisation phase on many different aspects and fields. “UKH is educating future leaders, and leaders are not complete without an international perspective” he said.

Mr. Meshaal expressed his happiness on working in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and highlighted Qatar’s new policies and plans to further engage in the region. One of the core points of engagement is education, he said and welcomed any mutual cooperation between KRI, Iraq and Qatar academic institutions in the future in academia and research projects being run in UKH.