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Modelling and Assessing National State of Education Seminar

Last week’s Lunch Seminar was an attempt to introduce a new modelling framework by which national states of education.

About 1 month ago

Explaining Solar Chimney

Dr.  Soorkeu A. M. Atrooshi,Assistant Professor at the Civil Engineering department, presented the 9th lunch seminar of the 2nd season on January 4th, 2018. 

About 2 months ago

UKH Participates in an International Project Management

 A team from UKH of the Deputy Dean of KBS, Chair of NR, two staff members and three students .....

About 2 months ago

Kurdish flag day at UKH

To honor the Kurdish National Flag Day, the University of Kurdistan Hewler organized a gathering of its staff and ........

About 2 months ago