English Language (EL)

The English Language Department offers three degree programmes, two at the undergraduate level and the other at the postgraduate level.

The BA in English is an integrated programme which covers linguistics, literature, translation and interpretation, and teaching English as a second language (TESOL).

The BA in English and Foreign Languages (German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish) allows students to study English and one other foreign language. This degree programme prepares students to pursue careers in language teaching or translation and interpreting.

At the postgraduate level the department offers two streams; the MA in Applied Linguistics/TESOL or the MA in English Literature.

By choosing an English degree students will study a range of literary texts from throughout history which span across genres, historical time periods and include different authors. Current topics of study include comparative literature, discourse analysis and 20th century drama.

While these degree equips students with the practical written and oral communication skills in the English language students need to succeed, it also helps them to develop skills in close reading and analysis, critical thinking and argumentation for their own personal and professional advancement.

A degree in English language will help students develop skills that are suitable to a range of careers. Typically graduates go on to find employment in journalism and the media, advertising, marketing, public relation, publishing, education and academics. Less typically graduates can also find work in the public sector or in the business and corporate world.

The department also helps students to apply and further their knowledge through a series of programmes throughout the year, including seminars, workshops, group presentations and literary events held in the American Corner.