Undergraduate Foundation Programme

One year $2,200 per academic year


The Undergraduate Foundation Programme is designed to provide students with the academic language, behaviour and skills required to be able to pursue further studies in Higher Education. The Undergraduate Foundation Programme is a one or two-year programme that prepares students to successfully complete an undergraduate degree in either the social sciences or natural sciences at UKH.

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants dismissed for any reason from any university, school or college will not be considered. Please note that acceptance into the foundation programme does not guarantee entrance into the undergraduate programme.

  • Application Form: Online application is required
  • Official transcripts: Provide a copy of your official transcript (for applicants who graduated from international institutions, an equalized transcript is required).
  • Certification Letter from High School: Provide an official letter from your High School Confirming your High School Average.
  • A copy of your Passport/ID


Before beginning the foundation programme, students take a placement test to determine the level they will study at. The modules in semester one may differ according to the entry level and needs of the students.

The modules covered throughout the year will include general language development, an introduction to academic reading and writing, grammar and exam preparation. All of the language and skills taught will help the students to achieve the minimum language requirement for entry into their chosen undergraduate department as well as being transferrable to their undergraduate modules.  The classes are student-centred and encourage the learners to become more autonomous in their learning as their language skills develop through a range of communicative activities.

Skills Development

As well as developing students’ language competencies, the Foundation Programme also targets other essential skills and behaviour. These include collaboration skills, communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, time management and study skills.