UKH Civil Engineering Students Gain Valuable Scientific Insight Through Visit to Bordeaux University

April 9, 2023

A group of postgraduate students from the UKH Civil Engineering (Structural) programme were invited to visit Bordeaux University in France in March 2023. During their visit, they were able to observe cutting-edge scientific equipment and techniques in action, interact with researchers at the forefront of their fields, and participate in research projects using advanced technologies and materials.

The visit was an excellent opportunity for the students to broaden their understanding of the scientific process and gain a deeper appreciation for the advancements in various fields. The Masters degree in Structural Engineering at UKH introduces a new generation of structural engineers with higher levels of analytical and experimental skills, making them able to analyze and design various types of structures.

Upon their return, Dr. Jawdat Tashan the Director of Civil Engineering Programme and research postgraduate team of students held a seminar for the UKH senior academic staff to share their knowledge and experience gained during their scientific visit to Bordeaux University in France. This visit has undoubtedly provided these students with valuable scientific insight, which will help them to become better engineers in the future.