OpenAI and ChatGPT: Awareness Raising of the Role of AI in Higher Education Assessment

February 19, 2023

Assistant Professor Freek Olaf de Groot of Applied Linguistics/TESOL at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) delivered a seminar on Artificial Intelligence and its new features, especially OpenAI and ChatGPT to UKH faculty members and staff.

ChatGPT is a newly-emerged AI-operated website which is becoming familiar to students at UKH and around the world.

Dr. de Groot focused on how ChatGPT functions. In particular, ChatGPT leads users and especially students to the outcomes directly, skipping the much important process of learning.

AI-induced texts, primarily in the form of paraphrasing, has been a known issue for a while now, but this takes the possibility of benefitting from AI to write papers and other assignments with almost no effort from the part of the user to a whole new level.

Dr. de Groot also proposed possible ways to deal with the new tool; making creative use of new and alternative methods of assessment. This can help recognising if efforts made in specific academic projects and/or assignments are genuine or not.