Business and Management (BM)


  • To provide the knowledge and skills necessary within and among business, management, politics, society, technology, human and capital resources, industry, organisation, management, innovation, economic growth, labour market, and welfare of citizens. The approach is based on an interdisciplinary synthesis which generates new value, growth, and welfare at the level of households, enterprise, civil, and government sectors in the Kurdistan Region.
  • To develop experienced businessmen and businesswomen, entrepreneurs and managers.
  • Work closely with the Research and Enterprise Centre (REC) to promote excellent research, offer insights in entrepreneurship, education, technology and to enhance joint ventures, national, and international relations.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • An understanding of the conceptual frameworks and applications of Business and Management functions and areas of decision;
  • An understanding of how organisations should function in different contexts;
  • The ability to generate, evaluate and recommend different explanations of Business and Management solutions to different organizations, profit and non-profit.

Discipline Skills

  • The ability to think critically and analyse problems facing day to day operations in today’s organizations;
  • The ability to follow the rational and systematic way of decision making and taking in marketing, finance, operations, HRM, planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

Personal Transferable Skills

To equip the students with skills necessary to work independently and in teams while being efficient and effective in managing time and maintain quality. In addition to be able to communicate freely and convey their thoughts and ideas clearly to