• liaising with academic staff to discuss timetables, equipment requirements, and work plans.

• running trials of experiments prior to classes and then demonstrating techniques for experiments.

• maintaining and repairing equipment and laboratory apparatus.

• supporting the work of teachers in classes and laboratory sessions and giving technical advice to staff and students.

• working with individual students and supporting them on research projects.

• ensuring that all health and safety procedures are understood and followed correctly.

1. OIL FIELD INTERNATIOAL (OFI) (2012 – 1-1-2014) Geologist–surface logging service (MUD LOGGER) Relevant Clients:

·  HKN (GARA-1,MAGCH-1,EST-1 Kurdistan)

·  OMV (BB-4,BB-5- Kurdistan )

·  AFREN (BR-4,BR-5- Kurdistan)2. China National Logging Corporation (CNLC) (15-1-2014 to 6-9-2014) Relevant Clients:

·  ORYX (ASS-2 Kurdistan)

3. Junior Core Engineer Corpro ALS GLOBAL (6-9-2014 to 4-10-2014) Relevant Clients:

·  TTOPCO (TT-23, TT-27- Kurdistan)


4. Wellsite Geologist Gazprom Kurdistan (4-10-2014 to 10-2-2015) 

 5. Hydro geologist and wellsite geologist with TAQA energy Kurdistan (18-3-2015 to 10-08-2015)

 6. Teaching and Lab assistant of physical Geology-Kurdistan university Hawler (Sep-2015 to present)

Supervisor and technician in Drilling oil and water wells, wellsite geologist, core processing engineer, and mud logging. He had worked with several international oil companies in Kurdistan; Gazprom, ALS Group, OMV and Afren

Coordinator for purchasing labs equipment.

Geophysical exploration, oil, mineral and water.

Physical Geology

Sedimentary Rock Petrology

Igneous and Metamorphic rocks 

Structural Geology 


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