Idris Nechirvan Idris is serving as Chancellor of the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) since 2019. He is a leading philanthropist in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq with a special focus on education, human development and environment. Since his appointment as the Chancellor of the UKH, he has been dedicated to achieve academic excellence, attain further accreditation for the university, create employment opportunities for the alumni, improve students’ satisfaction, and expand UKH’s community outreach and engagement.

He established the Creativity and Entrepreneurship Centre to support youth entrepreneurs with small and medium businesses by providing training, coaching, and grants. Building upon his commitment to the environment, he also established the Centre for Environmental Studies as a leading research
center that provides essential policy recommendations and tools to address climate change and promote sustainability.
Idris Nechirvan Idris is also the president and founder of the Rwanga Foundation, a non-governmental organization committed to helping ensure access to education across the Kurdistan Region, Iraq and beyond.

"To where our founder has reached, and from there on I will continue with the same vision; opening the door of opportunity for everyone"
UKH Chancellor Idris Nechirvan Idris
Idris Nechirvan Idris
UKH Chancellor
UKH Chancellor Idris N. Barzani