• Assistant Professor& Undergraduate Programme Coordinator of Petroleum Eng. Programme.
  • School of Science& Engineering / Natural Resources Engineering &Management Dept. /Petroleum Engineering Programme.
  • 1- Assistant Professor: (Oct. 2014- till now) / Dept. of NREM/School of Science & Engineering/University of Kurdistan Hewler, Erbil.
    2- Assistant Professor: (June 2005- Oct. 2014)/ Dept. of Petroleum. Eng. / college of Eng. / University of Baghdad.
    3- Lecturer: (2003-2005)/ Dept. of Pet. Eng. / college of Eng./ University of Baghdad.
    4- Visiting Professor / Assistant professor Teaching in Al-Khartoum Univ./College of Engineering & Architecture / Petroleum Eng. Dept., Al-Khartoum, Al-Sudan (2000-2001)&(2002-2003).
    5- Lecturer: (1999-2003)/ Dept. of Pet. Eng. / college of Eng./ University of Baghdad.
    6- Visiting Professor / Assistant professor Teaching in Hadhramout University / Engineering & Petroleum College, Hadhramout, Al- Yemen. (1998-1999).
    7- Lecturer: (1992-1999)/ Dept. of Pet. Eng. / college of Eng./ University of Baghdad.
    8- Assistant Lecturer: (1987-1992)/ Dept. of Pet. Eng./ college of Eng./ University of Baghdad.
    9- Teaching Assistant: (1979-1987)/ Dept. of Pet. Eng. / college of Eng. / University of Baghdad.

    1- "Laboratory investigation on matrix acidizing for a certain pay zone in Iraq", Journal of petroleum research ,council for scientific research ,Baghdad,Vol.7,No.2,1988.

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    18- Comparison Between Homogenous  and Heterogenous Reservoirs:  A Parametric Study of Water Conning Phenomena. UKH, JSE Vol. 5 No1 2021

    1.  Attended the SPE Distinguished Lecturer series (29th -6-2018) about Water Injection Operations Design presented by R. Scot Buell from Chevron Co. USA.

    2. Attended" Schlumberger PETREL Software Session": UKH /Erbil; 2015.

    3. Attended" TOTAL ENERGY AND EDUCATION SESSION 2014:TEES2014" Paris/France for the period 1-6-2014 to 6-6-2014.

    4. Attended the course entitled “Drilling Activities" held in Istanbul / Turkey by TOTAL Co. Along with 28 students (3rd class), 6-9-2013 to14-9-2013.

    5. Conducted“Project Management and Risk Estimation” course for the benefit of the Sudanese Petroleum Training Institute, SPTI. Held in 29/6

    1- "Models for Non-Newtonian flow through porous media.” MSc. thesis, 2001.

    2- "Appearance of gravel & sand during production and suggested treatment for Al-Rumaila field/main pay." MSc. thesis,2002

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    9- “Optimization of pipeline transport system.” MSc. thesis. 2006.

    10- "Pressure changes in pipelines transporting a mixture of Iraqi crude oils (gathering systems)." MSc.thesis.2007.

    11- "Formation Damage Due to the Filtration during Drilling Operations", MSc. thesis, .2008.

    12- "Design of local network of pipelines to transport crude oil and derivatives in the middle governorate of Iraq." PhD. thesis .2009

    13- "Feasibility study of using Horizontal wells in Iraqi reservoirs." MSc. thesis.2010.

    14- "Study of Inflow Performance for the Heavy Oil Reservoirs". MSc. thesis, 2011.

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    18- "Process of Matrix Acidizing of an Iraqi Carbonate Formation" MSc.. thesis,

    19-     Bashdar Anwar Mohammed- Oil Well Testing Using Production Logging Tools (PLT). - Completed on sept. 2017.

    20-   Hazhar Azad Ahmed- The Effect of Stresses on Directional Permeability in Kurdistan Region- Completed on sept. 2017.

     21- Shakar Haris Mohammed-  Integrated Reservoir Study for Upper Qamchuqa Formation- Completed on sept. 2017.

      22- Shamal Mohammed Ahmed- Cathodic Protection of Buried Pipelines in Kurdistan Region- Completed on sept. 2017.

     23-  Sherwan Ibrahim Taher - Optimizing Oil Production of the Horizontal Wells in Khurmala Oilfield (KOF) - Completed on sept. 2017.

     24- Sirwan Ahmed- Investigation of the Pre-treatments for reducing Salts and Sediments from Khurmala Oil Field- Completed on May 2018.

      25-  Frzan Fraidoon Ali-Application of Reservoir Performance Models and Production Optimization Techniques in Kurdistan Region of Iraq – Completed on sept. 2017.

     26-  Sasan Sabah Hanna- Optimization of the Drilling Parameters and Bit Selection for the Geologic Formations  Drilled in Kurdistan Region- Completed on Sep.2017.

     27-Hardawan Mohammed Hasan- The Control of Wellbore Stability in Kolosh Formation- Completed on May 2018. 

     28- Rebin Ali Mohammed Ameen-Study of the Application of Underbalanced Drilling in Kurdistan Region- Completed on May 2018.

     29- Bzhar Maruf Ali- Corrosion and its Mitigation in the Oil and Gas Industry for KAR Projects- Completed on Sep. 2017.

      30-  Ranj Sherko – Reducing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) concentration in Khurmala Oil Field Using H2S Scavengers. Completed on May 2018.

    31-Sheida Mostafa Sheikheh Coupled Reservoir-Geochemical Simulation of Caprock Integrity during Pressure Maintenance. Competed July 2019.

    32-Shvan Mohamed Ahmed Well Performance Analysis and Flow Calculations for a Well in Kurdistan Region.  Completed July 2019

    33-Salar Jaladet Muhammed Saleh Optimization of Drilling Operations via Implementing Multi-Phase Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) in Low Pressure Formations in Kurdistan. Completed August 2019

    34- Pola Jameel Ali History Matching and Enhanced Oil Recovery in a Naturally Fractured Reservoir Completed Nov. 2019

    35 -Shayma H. Alshaibani Implementation of Pressure Maintenance for a Reservoir in Khurmala Oil field. Completed Dec. 2019

    36- Bayan Hikmat Safi Production Enhancement Using Electrical Submersible Pumps for Certain Wells in KRG. Completed Dec. 2019

    37- Hawzhin Fatij Reservoir Modelling and Production Optimization of Oil Wells in Kirkuk Field. Completed Dec. 2019.

    38.Ibrahim Ahmed Reservoir Evaluation of Cretaceous Formations of A Field in Kurdistan Region. Completed Dec. 2019.  

    39- Rasan Sarbast Faisal  Design of Hydraulic Fracturing Operation for a Reservoir in KRG. Completed Dec. 2019

    40-  Ararat Abdolla Rahimy Probing the Applicability of Nanoparticles Assissted Surfactant Flooding Process in a Carbonate Rock of KRG: Experimental. Completed September 2020

    41-Rafid Khaleel Hanna Ibrahimi Laboratory Evaluation of Low-Salinity Water Flooding in Carbonate Rocks of KRG. Completed September 2020.


    Now I am supervising 10  MSc.thesis  and they are still in progress NREM- UKH 2020- 2021

    Supervision of BSc. Graduation projects

    1- More than 75 BSc. graduation projects in Baghdad University, Iraq.

    2- 48 individual & group projects in UKH Erbil.

    As a faculty advisor of the UKH SPE Student’ Chapter, I have arranged some official

    participations in international petroleum conferences & exhibitions, for SPE members sponsored by SPE.

    “Methods and Technology of Horizontal Drilling” for the benefit of Iraqi Drilling Company, IDC, 2002. (Authored in Arabic).
  • Well Stimulation and production of Oil & Gas Wells.
  • Natural & Artificial Lift Methods of Oil Wells.
  • Oil and gas flow & transportation.
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery.
  • Well testing & formation evaluation.
  • Inflow Performance of Vertical & Horizontal Wells.
  • Sand control problems.
  • Directional and Horizontal Technology of oil wells.
  • Petroleum Economics
  •  UG & PG Teaching (courses taught &developed):

    1- Petroleum production engineering I & II .

    2- Engineering & Petroleum economics

    3- Oil well drilling engineering I & II

    4- Rocks & reservoir fluid properties

    5- Enhanced oil recovery

    6- Fundamentals of petroleum engineering

    7- Natural Gas engineering

    8- Gas Technology

    9- Fluid mechanics

    10- Surface production operations

    11- Advanced Well testing

    12- Oil and Gas Industry 

    13- Oil and gas technology

    14-  Fluid flow through porous media 

    15-  Advanced production Eng.

    More than 25 certificates of appreciation by Presidents of Universities, Deans of colleges and Director Generals of many offices.
    Certificates of Participation in different conferences, Sessions and others.
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