• Associate Professor of General Management and Director of Postgraduate Programmes, University of Kurdistan Hewler
  • Professor of Management and Vice President for Students Affairs, University of Montplaisir American Business School
  • Visiting Professor of Business Administration and Management, Virtual University, Uganda
  • Senior Lecturer in HRM/HRD, MBA Programme Coordinator and Chair
  • Senior Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour, HRM and Management and Director of Postgraduate Programme (MSHR)
  • Associate Professor of Management. Gulf University for Science and Technology
  • Associate Professor of Management and Associate Dean. American University of Nigeria
  • Associate Professor of Administration. University of Malaysia
  • Chief Consultant to his Majesty Government, Brunei
  • Chief Consultant to Ministry of Works, Brunei
  • Chief Consultant to ASEAN Senior Police Officers
  • Over twenty five years of experience in Higher Education Institutions in different parts of the world; Over fifteen years experience in consulting and managing projects; Over fifteen years of experience in Higher Education Management and Administration;  Member of International Conference Organising Committee
    Membership of Professional Organisations
  • FCIPP (Fellow, Chartered Institute of Practicing Professionals, USA)
  • IMDA (International Management Development Association, USA)
  • MAAM (Member Asian Academy of Management)
  • MMS (Institute of Management Services, London, UK) MRIPA (Royal Institute of Public Administration, London, UK)
  • CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, UK)
  • Tasie, G.O (2017). The Symbiosis between Entrepreneurship Formation and Employment Creation: A Strategy for Job Opportunities in Kurdistan Region.  International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, Vol. 7, Issue 3, pp. 33-46. http://hrmars.com/index.php/journals/detail/8
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  • I have supervised over one hundred undergraduate BA/BSc/BBA and postgraduate MA/M.Sc/MBA dissertations in a variety of topics in business and management. In addition, I have also supervised and assessed a good number of doctoral theses to completion as well as cornucopia of projects including executive continuous professional programmes and serving as external assessors for a variety of academic and non-academic projects.
  • Research project on Managing Stress during the Asian Financial crisis 

  • Tasie, G O (2003). Human Resource Development in Negara Brunei Darussalam: Prospects and Challenges (Bandar Seri Begawan: Brunei Press)
  • Tasie, G O, (1997), Public Sector Administration and Management (Selangor, Malaysia: Pelanduk Publications).
  • Tasie, G O (1997), Rural Financial Policy: A Comparative Analysis of India and Nigeria. (London, UK: Minerva Press)
  • Tasie, G. O (2005). Human Resource Development Strategy: The South East Asian Perspective in Hairuni Binti Hj Mohd Ali Maricar, Hashim Awang, Morsidi Bin Haji Mohammad, Ismail Bin Haji Awang Nordin, Gary Jones, Mataim Bakar and Upajeeva Sirinanda (eds). Essays in Memory of the UBD Vice Chancellor 1999-2002 (Bandar Seri Begawan: University of Brunei Darussalam).
  • Emotional intelligence; knowledge and change management; Perception and personality; Public enterprise management; Strategy formulation and  competitive strategy; Entrepreneurship; Human Resource management; Human Resource Development;  Managing Quality in Higher Education Institutions; Business-Government and Society relationship; Accountability and Organizational Ethics; Rural Financing.

    Strategic Management

    Human Resource Management

    HR in Public Sector Management

    Effective People Management

    Change and Knowledge Management

    Research Methods

    Research Methods in Management

    Advanced Human Resource Management


  • Distinguished Scholar Award, AGBA
  • University of Kurdistan Hewler Conference Support
  • University of Glamorgan/University of South Wales Conference Support
  • The Best Paper presenter, Monterrey, California, USA
  • The Excellent Conference Paper Award at Istanbul Turkey
  • Research grants from University of Brunei Darussalam
  • African Education Grant
  • United Nations Grant
  • American University of Nigeria Research Grant
  • American University of Nigeria Conference Grant
  • This information is private
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