• Acting Head of English Dept, Deputy Head of the English Dept, Director of the English Language Center, and English Language instructor.

Jan, 2013 to Present              University of Kurdistan-Hewler   Erbil, Iraq
Lecturer in Politics and International Relations

Dec, 2010 to Dec 2013           University of Kurdistan-Hewler   Erbil, Iraq
Acting Access Program Head of Department
Deputy Head of Access English Program                                  
Director of the Int. English Language Centre
EAP/ESL Instructor

Sept 2008 to Aug 2009            Cihan University   Erbil, Iraq
General English Instructor for
newly established English

Jan 30, 2008 to June 2008       American University of Afghanistan
Instructor for the Foundation English
Studies Program.  Academic English
preparation classes.

Jan 15, 2007 to Jan, 2008        University of Kurdistan-Hewler  Erbil, Iraq
Undergraduate E.A.P. Writing Instructor
Computer Lab, C.A.L.L. software, and
Educational Multi-media Manager

Feb, 2006 to June, 2006           University of California, Santa Cruz

Leister University/ UKH English Language Center
Directed the IELC for 1 ½ years—Largest revenue stream to date in any internal program at UKH.
20th Century History, Research, Reading and Writing in PIR, Modern Middle East, Intro to IR, Political Geography, Politics in the Administrative Process, U.S. Foreign Policy- additionally able to teach all course offerings in Foundation and U.G. English.
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