Course Module Development:

- Soil Mechanics

- Introduction to Earthquake Engineering

- Foundation Engineering

- Tunnel Engineering

- Material Technology

- Panaghi, K., Mahboubi, A. and Mahdavian, A. (2018) “The effect of earthquake duration and frequency content on potentially liquefiable pile-pinned sloping ground”, Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering,

- Sato, M., Panaghi, K., Takada, N. and Takeda, M. (2018) “Bottle-neck effect on anisotropy in permeability and diffusivity of Berea sandstone”, Transport in Porous Media,

- Panaghi, K., Golshani, A.A., Sato, M., Takemura, T. and Takahashi, M. (2018) "Crack tensor-based evaluation of Inada granite behavior due to damage under true-triaxial testing condition", Intl. J. of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences, vol. 106, pp. 30-40.

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- Mahboubi, A. and Panaghi, K. (2014) "The effects of piles spacing and length-to-diameter ratios on the soil-pile-structure interaction phenomenon", Journal of Civil Engineering, vol. 25, issue 1, pp. 1-13 (in Farsi).

Professional Engineer (Licensed by Organization for Engineering Order of Buildings in Tehran)

Crack-Tensor Theory in Rock Mechanics Studies

Earthquake Geotechnics

- Foundation Engineering (UG3)

- Soil Mechanics (UG3)

- Mechanics of Materials (UG2)/Strength of Materials (UG3)

- Material Technology (UG3)

- Engineering Mechanics: Statics (UG1)


- Strength of Materials (I & II)

- Introduction to Earthquake Engineering

- Dam Engineering

- Site Investigation

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