Assistant Professor: Teaching and research in both, business management and public sector management areas. Writing module descriptors and preparing exams for undergraduate and postgraduate classes. In addition, supervising undergraduate and postgraduate projects and dissertations. 

Programs developed: The BSc program in Public Sector Management in 2009 and the Barzi Executive Program in 2017.  


Deputy Dean, Kurdistan Business School, University of Kurdistan Hewler, 5 December, 2017 -present

Chair of Business and Management Sciences, University of Kurdistan Hewler, November 2014-November 2015

Acting Deputy Registrar, August 2012- February 2013

Head Department of Politics and Sociology, University of Duhok, November 2011-November 2012

Inaugural Director of Career Development Center (CDC) at University of Duhok, November 2011-November 2012

Head Department of Commerce and Banking Sciences, September 2006-September 2007   

A new Center that will find jobs for Graduates of University of Duhok. Interview with the Director of Career Development Center (CDC) Dr. Heja Sindi, Avro Newspaper, 11 June, 2012.  

Strategic Planning for Dohuk, Workshop, Dohuk, Iraq, July, 2007

Towards an optimal constitution in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, Workshop ,Dohuk, Kurdistan Iraq.2007

Facilitator. Training Program in Management, Directory of Agriculture, 2005-2006 

Facilitator. Training Program in Strategic Planning in Public Administration, Public Directories in the Region, 2007-2008

Member of Syndicate of Iraqi Economists, Baghdad, 1993. 

Time Management, Directory of Urban Planning, Dohuk. Kurdistan Dohuk. Kurdistan Region 2007-2008 .

Facilitator. Management Training Program, Directory of Residence, Dohuk. Kurdistan Region, 2006-2007.

Oxford University/Oxford International Research Ltd. Iraqi National Survey. Assisting in the preparation of the Survey and Translator, Nov-Dec.2003

Representative of Public Relations Office /Dohuk Governorate, United Nations/UNDP Conference for power Generation and Management”  Dohuk/Iraq,1999.

Fellow of the Civic Education and Leadership Executive Program. Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, New York, USA, 2009-2010

Fellow of the Business Ethics Center, Bentley University, Boston Waltham, Boston, USA, 2008-2009

Facilitator, WHO/UN, Training Course, Health Management. Consultant for Production Management, United Nations/UNICEF-Iraq, 2005-2

Regional Advisor and Certified Trainer for Local Government Program LGP, RTI/USAID, 2007- 2008

Masters Dissertations Supervised at UKH: 

1. The Impact of Quality of work life on Employee Job Performance, 2018

2. The Impact of Psychological Empowerment on Employee Engagement, 2018

3. Examining the Impact of Organizational Downsizing on Employee Performance a case Study of Darin Group.

4. Examining the need for Reform in Public Sector Employment System in Kurdistan Region, 2018

5.The impact of Effective Recruitment and Selection on Reducing Employee Turnover in FMCG Industry in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 2017

6.The impact of on-the-job training on job performance, 2017 

7.The Role of Employment Interview in the Quality of Selection Process: A Comparative Study between Newroz and Korek Telecommunication, 2017

8.Performance Management and Employee Performance: A case of the University of Kurdistan Hewler, 2015

9.The Role of Business Environment in Relation to Institutionalizing Public Sector Organizations: The Case of the Kurdistan Regional Government, 2015

10. Managerialism Trends in the Iraqi-Kurdistan Region Administration: A New Public Management Approach, June 2010

11.Examining the Tendency towards Ethical Conduct Approaches in Human Reources Management Practices: A Case Study of the Crime Prevention Directorate of Erbil, July 2010

12.Examining the Gap Requirements for the Quality Assurance Program in Higher Education: A Survey Study in Iraqi Kurdistan Higher Education System, Dec 2010

13.The Impact of some External Organizational Forces on the Ethical Conduct of Employees. An attitudinal study in a sample of Iraqi Kurdistan Hospitals, July 2010

14. Estimating satisfying requirements of E-Government processes in the Ministry of Industry in Iraqi Kurdistan Region, July 2010

15. Supply Chain Management Prospects in the Construction Industry: A Survey Study a Number of Construction Projects of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, July 2010

16. An Investigation of Employee Empowerment in Iraqi Kurdistan Region Telecommunications Industry: A Case Study of Asia Cell Company, June 2010

17. Some Organizational Design Dimensions in Relation to Knowledge Sharing Practices: A Case Study of Kurdistan International Bank, Oct 2010

18.The Relationship between Psychological Contract and Organizational Commitment: National Democratic Institute (NDI) Organization as a Case Study.

Diploma at University of Duhok:

The Compatibility between Strategic Planning Models in Businesses Organizations with Public Organizations: A public management approach. AUniversity of Dohuk, 2007

Exploratory Grant, British Counsel, Glasgow University, 2010

Do they also fall Behind when Forming Their Governments, Rudaw Newspaper,12 March, 2014. 

Regarding the Dilemma of Administrative Leadership in Developing Societies, Al Hewar almotamaden, 26 June, 2013.

Have we been fair to public relations in order to be fair to our political and administrative experiences, Al Hewar almotamaden Newspaper, 1 June, 2014. 

Criteria for Selecting Candidates to hold senior Administrative Positions, Interview, WAR Newspaper, 19 April, 2014.  

Positions do not create leaders, leaders make positions creative, Erbil Newspaper, 27 April, 2013.

Who Should be Selected for the Seventh Cabinet. Politicians, Technocrats or Meritocrats. Rudaw Newspaper, 2 April, 2012. 

Education and Civil Service Reform, Interview, Invest in Group, Mar 20, 2013

Education features in Higher Education Degree holders, Interview, WAR Newspaper, 2nd February, 2013

Utilizing Kurdish Diaspora, Interview, Invest-in-group, March 2013. 

Routine Cannot be Managed Via Increasing the Number of Employees. Interview, Hawler Newspaper, June 2012

The public, the parliament and the sixth cabinet, swinging between daily responsibilities and a professor's dreams, Avro Newspaper, 19 October, 2009.   

The Iraqi Sports Commentating. An Explanatory Role or a Political Mobilization Discourse, Al Hewa almotamaden, 19 January, 2013. 

Municipality Councils: An Administrative Perspective, Avro Newspaper, 23 May, 2001


Chapter in Book:

Heja Sindi, "Developing a Kurdistanian Diaspora Intellectual Model and Policy: A Public Management Perspective", Perspectives on Kurdistan’s Economy and Society in Transition. Heshmati A. Dilani A., and Baban.. (eds). 2011. Nova Science Publishers.


Knowledge Management in relation to quality management 

Knowledge conversion and its impact on talent management 

Public management as a strategic choice for competitive advantage in public  sector management and good governance

Branding management and its impact on market share management 

Restructuring organizations and its impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the organizational performance 

Strategic planning in relation to competitive advantage 

The use of business management concepts and tools in developing public and non for profit organizations 

Anaylsing mission and vision statements in relation to organization design and performance

Production and operations management as a way for achieving optimization of service outputs  

Organisation Theory, Undergraduate and Postgraduate 

Strategic Marketing Management, Postgraduate  

Operations Management, Undergraduate 

Fundamentals of Business and Management, Undergraduate 

Governance, Undergraduate 

Managing Quality, Undergraduate 

Organisational Behavior, Undergraduate  

Advanced Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management, Undergraduate 

Operations Management, Undergraduate  

Advanced Business Management, Postgraduate

Knowledge Management, Undergraduate

Crisis Management, Undergraduate

Local Governemnt and Local Administration, Undegraduate 

Regarding the Dilemma of Administrative Leadership in Developing Societies, Al Hewar almotamaden, 26 June, 2013.

Municipality Councils, An Administrative Perspective, Avro Newspaper, 23 May, 2001

Education and Civil Service Reform, Interview, Invest in Group, Mar 20, 2013

Education features in Higher Education Degree holders, Interview, WAR Newspaper, 2nd February, 2013

Utilizing Kurdish Diaspora, Interview, Invest-in-group, March 2013. 

Exploratory Grant, British Counsel, Glasgow University, 2010

Heja Sindi, Youth and Culture, Iraq Human Development Report, 2014, UNDP.

Heja Sindi, "Examining the needs for Public Administration and Public Management practices in the Draft Constitution of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. A comparative Study", Workshop presented in Duhok, 2005.  

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