The main performed responsibilities are:

1- Director of Geology Department (1992 - 2012) in Iraq Geological Survey, Baghdad, retired on 10/10/ 2012.

2- Representative of Iraq in an International Committee that is concerned with the compilation of the Geological Map of the World. I was Deputy of Vise-President of Middle East Subcommission of CGMW (Commission of Geological Map of the World), Paris, December 2009 until August 2012. My name is written on the Geological Map of the World, Part Asia.

3- Visiting Lecturer in UKH since October 2014 - February 2017.

4- Lecturer in UKH, since 12 February 2017


  The following are the main experiences during my career

1- Stratigraphy of the Iraqi Territory and Geological Mapping, especially in the Kurdistan Region.

2- Mineral Investigation

3- Geological Hazards, mitigation, identification and assessment

4 - Mass Movements, prediction, identification, and mitigation

5- Strategic Site Investigation and Selection

The main work experience is Geological Mapping in different parts of Iraq since 1971 - 1992. I have performed and complied geological maps of Iraq in different scales, especially in the Kurdistan Region.

Writing, reviewing and editing different types of geological reports.

Writing, reviewing and editing different types of scientific geological articles. During 1998 - 2012, being the Secretary of the Editorial Board of two geological Journals in Baghdad.

Visual interpretation of aerial photographs and satellite images, as different geological aspects are concerned.

Performing Quality Assurance project in a strategic project (1988 - 1992) for Nuclear Power Site Selection Program, Iraq.

Performing and following-up training programs for the recently employed geologists in Iraq Geological Survey (1984 - 2012)

I have the following reports and publications:

1- 125 documented reports in Iraq Geological Survey library, Baghdad, Iraq, and other libraries.

2- 127 published papers in Iraqi and International scientific journals and other 11 are in processing steps.

I do bear the following professional qualifications

1-Geological mapping

2- Stratigraphy of the Iraqi territory

3- Site investigation

4- Mineral Exploration, and

5- Geological hazards, recognition and mitigation

I have supervised the following projects in UKH

1- Five students (UG-3 - 360-MRE) NREM, Final Projects in 2016

2- Seven students (UG -4 - 480- MRE) NREM, Final Projects in 2017

3- Four Group Projects of 18 students (UG-3 - MRE) NREM, 2017

4- Nine students (UG - 4- MRE) Final projects, 2018

5- Two students (UG - 4- MRE) as co-supervisor, Final Projects, 2018

6- One Group Project of 4 students (UG- 3, MRE), 2018

I have contributed in writing a scientific book entitled: 


1- Geological and Engineering Investigation of the Most Dangerous Dam in the World, Mosul Dam. Published in 2015 by Scienpress Ltd. ISBN 978-0-9934819.

2- Mosul Dam Full Story, Scientific and Technical Comprehensive Study. Published in 2018 by Dar Al-Basha'ir Al-Islamiya, Beirut (in Arabic) 

The main research fields are:

1- Geological Mapping

2- Recognizing Unstable Slopes phenomena and their mitigation

3- Mineral Resource Exploration and Evaluation

4- Site selections

1- Historical Geology

2- Environmental Geology

3- Mineral Exploration

4- Industrial Minerals

5- Field Mapping

6- Mineral Deposits

Currently, I have two planned research works, which are in progress under the umbrella of UKH:

  1- Landslides of Dukan. A Case Study, Dukan, West of Sulaimaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Northeast Iraq (The manuscript is submitted to UKHJSE).

2- Slope Stability of DERBENDI KHAN DAM and near Surroundings. A Reconnaissance Study, KURDISTAN REGION, NE IRAQ (The manuscript is submitted to JZS).

3- Stability Assessment of Haibat Sultan Road Cut, North of Koya, the Kurdistan Region, Iraq (The research is completed and a scientific paper is submitted for publication in Geoscisnce Frontier).

4- Evaluation of the Economic Feasibility of Asnawa Iron Ore, Penjween, Northeast Iraq (Sampling was carried out for the iron ore, in 15 - 17 May, the research is going on)

5- Portal Landslide Analysis of the New Haibat Sultan Tunnels in Koya, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (The Fieldwork was carried out and the research is going on).

Recently Forwarded Research Proposals to the Chair of NREM (Waiting for Approval)

1- The origin of Bakrman Pond, NW Aqra

2- Mineral Exploration in Sidakan Vicinity, North of Erbil, Using Stream Sediments' Analyses

3- Assessment of Sharbazhar Quarry Chert as Quartz-sand Alternative for Cement Production, NE of Sulaimani city, Kurdistan Region, NE Iraq.

I have also the following research works, which are in progress with colleagues out of UKH:

1- Development of erosional  cirques in north and northeastern parts of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq (The manuscript is submitted to ARO).

2- Geology, Geomorphology, and Tectonics of Jabal Sanam, South Iraq (Published).

3- Neotectonic Activity from the Upper Reaches of the Arabian Gulf, South Iraq (Published).

4- The Geology and Evolution of the Ga'ara Depression, Iraqi Western Desert (Published).

5- Development of Straight Valleys Draining Wine Glasses in North and Northeastern Parts of the Kurdistan Region (Published ).

6- Characters and Types of Alluvial Fans in the Central Eastern Part of Iraq (Published).

7- Deducing the Lateral Growth of Jambur, Pulkhana and Qumar anticlines, Central Iraq, using Drainage Analysis and Geomorphological Features(Submitted to Geoscience for publication).

8- The Lateral Growth of Qara Dagh Anticline. A Tectonic - Geomorphological Study South of Sulaimaniyah city, Iraqi Kurdistan Region (Submitted to the Iraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining for publication).

9- Deducing Tectonic Activity in Kifri Chai Basin, Central Northeastern Iraq. Using Geomorphological Indices (In progress).

10- Factors Controlling Development of Wine Glasses in the Mountains of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq (Submitted to ARO for publication).

11- The Geological Maps in the Kurdistan Region (Submitted to UKHJSE

The following reports were conducted:

1- Gasin Cement Plant Clay Quarry Evaluation, Part 1, Geological Setting, in behalf of Faruk Holding, 2015.

2- Report on Delineation of the Shallow Depressions in Najaf Cement Plant Vicinity using remote sensing and GIS techniques, in behalf of KAR Co., 2015

3- Site selection for Cement Plant out of the Kurdistan Region, Desk Study in behalf of Faruk Holding, 2017

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