UKH Wins Research Grants for Water Harvesting and Management

March 15, 2022

After months of coordination between the School of Science and Engineering (SSE) at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) and the Institute for Water Education in the Netherlands (IHE Delft), the two sides signed a contract to promote training, research and capacity building within the Delft University Programmatic Cooperation, Phase 2 (DUPC2). The project is sponsored by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This was followed by UKH securing two research grants with IHE in water harvesting and management. In March 2022, a team of UKH researchers and all other partners were invited to IHE to attend a workshop in DUPC2 to participate in meetings and deliberations to promote the joint project. The workshop included presentations and discussions focusing on technical, administrative and knowledge sharing components of the project. UKH team was successful in establishing new channels for future cooperation and a team from IHE – Delft is expected to visit UKH in November of 2022 to initiate the next phase of the project.