UKH Professor Tarik A. Rashid Awarded Golden Medal for “Distinguished Researcher” in Iraq

February 2, 2023

In the presence of the Iraqi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Naeem Al-Aboudi, Al-Ayen University held a ceremony honouring the winners of the University Award for Academic Scientific Researcher in its third edition. The honoring ceremony was held on Wednesday, February 1, 2023, at Al-Ayen University.

UKH Professor Dr. Tarik A. Rashid, the Acting Dean of the School of Science and Engineering is on the list of top researchers in the Al-Ayen Iraqi Researchers Ranking (2023). AIR-Ranking 2023 is a national ranking organised by Al-Ayen University to honour those who have worked inconclusively to promote the Iraqi researcher image in the international arena. Professor Tarik received the award of Al-Ayen University Scientific Golden Medal and the title of “Distinguished Researcher”.

The ranking of the researcher was established by considering several academic network websites that are including Web of Science, Scopus, Sci-Val, ResearchGate, Publons, and Google Scholar. For more detail click on the below link: