UKH & BTU Collaboration Agreement on Academic, Research Exchange

December 5, 2023

A UKH delegation that consisted of Prof. Keith Sharp, UKH President; Dr. Bayar Mustafa Sêvdeen, Dean of Research and External Engagement; and Mahnaz Lashkri, Strategic Projects and Partnerships Manager met with Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) President, Prof. Dr. Gesine Grande; Prof. Dr. Eike Albrecht, Chair of Public Law; and Steven Kramm, Academic Employee in the Chair of Environment, to discuss and sign the agreement.

The partnership is primarily focused on the topics of climate change, environmental studies, and entrepreneurship. It sets the framework for a sustainable collaborative plan between both sides.

This agreement is a result of shared goals and a vision for contributing to global issues, particularly addressing different fields and challenges related to climate change, water resources management, and nature-based solutions. It is another steppingstone to promote a worldwide view on education and research and to further become international in their outreach efforts.

Both sides are working together to create new academic programs that match combined strengths and expertise.

The agreement is an opportunity for UKH to create and improve new programmes and to work towards promoting a shared transfer of knowledge and skills. This will include the development of dual PhD and other postgraduate programmes.

Both institutions plan to encourage learning by starting visiting professor programmes. This will allow scholars to exchange ideas and knowledge.

Further to that, the agreement will create the opportunity student and research to do exchange programmes that is aimed at generating new perspectives and supporting learning across different subjects.

Both sides also agreed to host PhD students to improve the research experience and promote cultural exchange.

UKH views BTU as a long-term partner and a gateway to the EU. This agreement marks a major advance in UKH and BTU working together on science. Both schools look forward to starting new projects. We look forward to the results of our partnership that are set to positively affect both universities’ academic settings.