The Second Medical Kurdistan Conference

November 21, 2023

Training Future Health Leaders for Serving Local Communities

The International Medical Kurdistan Conference of the School of Medicine (SoM) at the University of Kurdistan Hewlêr (UKH) is a unique platform to share recent research in medicine and a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experiences in all related fields.

The conference will be held on the February 28 and continues until March 1st, 2024 in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the ancient wonder city and the new symbol of civilization and peaceful coexistence.

The conference is also an excellent opportunity for scientific presentations like oral, poster, and commercial exhibitions as well as experts’ presentations in a wide range of medical specialties

UKH-SoM has a comprehensive programme, allowing the participants to renew friendships and extended networking.

We welcome all scientists, clinicians, students, health allied staff, researchers, and professionals from Iraq and all over the world to submit their research findings and meet to discuss recent advances and innovations in all branches of clinical and preclinical medical sciences.

Conference president’s welcome remarks:

On behalf of the organizing committee, I am honored to welcome you to the second SoM-UKH international medical conference in Erbil/Hewlêr capital of Kurdistan of Iraq form 28th of Feb – 1st of March 2024. The conference is a great opportunity for national and international scientists, students, and medical professionals to share their research and discuss recent advances in medicine and medical education as well as enjoying the historically and culturally rich capital Erbil/Hewlêr and its surroundings.

Dr. Teshk Shawis, Dean of UKH School of Medicine.

Conference Topics:

  • Updates of clinical Medicine 
  • Medical Education 
  • General Surgery and sub-specialties 
  • Maternity and Child health 
  • Preclinical and public health sciences 

Conference Website: 2nd Medical Kurdistan International Conference & Exhibition

Abstract submission:

Opening date: 15th October 2023

Closing date: 13th January 20024

Conference President: Dr. Teshk Nouri Shawis

Conference Committees:

Organizing committee:

Chair: Dr. Avin Maroof

  1. Dr. Hemin Jawad Sabir
  2. Dr. Heersh Qader Hamadameen
  3. Dr. Jwan Dakheel
  4. Dr. Media Khalid
  5. Dr. Naz Ali Ihsan Omer
  6. Dr. Nazleen Shakir Akreyi
  7. Dr. Sivan Saber Othman
  8. Dr. Sherine Khaled Al-Ahmed
  9. Dr. Souzan Hussain Eassa

Scientific committee:

Chair: Dr. Lars Alexander Peschke

  1. Dr. Bahzad Koye
  2. Dr. Kani Rast Nuri Shawais
  3. Dr. Maysoon Tahir Al-Haideri
  4. Dr. Muhammed Assim Al-Chalabi
  5. Dr. Othman Arab
  6. Dr. Othman Sami
  7. Dr. Pouline Mcloone
  8. Dr. Salar Adnan Ahmed
  9. Dr. Sarkawt Khoshnaw
  10. Dr. Sherwan Rahman Sulaiman
  11. Dr. Souzan Hussain Eassa
  12. Dr. Srwa Khalid
  13. Dr. Wali Omer

Advisory Committee:

Chair: Dr. Deiary Kader

  1. Dr. Ariana Khalis
  2. Dr. Bayar Mustafa Sevdeen
  3. Dr. Dashty Bustani
  4. Dr. Handrean Soran
  5. Dr. Hiro Khoshnaw
  6. Dr. Maroof Tahsin Hasan
  7. Dr. Mohammed Al-Uzri
  8. Dr. Rezan AbdulKadir
  9. Dr. Rizgar Mageed
  10. Dr. Sadiq Aziz Khoshnaw
  11. Dr. Suzi Janbaz

Social committee:

Chair: Mr. Karokh Nuraddin Othman

  1. Ms. Wilayat Salih Mustafa
  2. Mr. Fikri Barzani
  3. Mr. Lazoo Yousif Othman

Administrative and finance Committee:

Chair: Mr. Muhamed Sultan

  1. Mr. Mohammed Salam
  2. Ms. Soma Sirwan Jalil

Students Committee:

  1. Mr. Mohammed Rashed Amara UG2
  2. Ms. Noor Jalal HamaSalih UG3
  3. Ms. Sana Kaws UG3
  4. Mr. Bahoz Aziz UG4
  5. Ms. Tnok Tahir Rahim UG4
  6. Mr. Zaid Azad UG4
  7. Ms. Arwa Saeed Mustafa UG5
  8. Mr. Blnd Shukur Sabir UG5
  9. Mr. Miran Diyar UG6
  10. Mr. Muhammed Sham UG6
  11. Ms. Sidra Muhamed UG6