Dozens of Jobs and Internships Offered to UKH Students at Career Fair

May 29, 2022

UKH Career Development Centre (CDC)’s organised Career Fair provided dozens of jobs and internship opportunities to UKH students on Sunday 29 May 2022.

25 companies, organisations and head hunters from the public and the private sector participated in the career fair which was sponsored by Nass Wallet and Rudaw Media Network sponsored the media coverage of the event. The Fair kicked off with UKH President Bill Rammell’s opening remarks in which he expressed his happiness for the first fair of its kind since the outbreak of Covid-19.

“We as UKH educate, train, and develop the future leaders of Kurdistan. It is vital therefore that we deliver an exceptional University experience that leads to good, graduate level jobs.” Bill said. He also shed the light on the importance of equipping UKH students with training and teaching to boost their employability chances.

While UKH is committed to continuously supporting its students even after they graduate, the university is also keen to maintain the record employment of its past graduates at 99%. “We are at a good place. 99% of our past graduates are in graduate level jobs. But we must always strive to do more. We need to engage our students early in the careers development process. The earlier they engage, the more successful they will be.” Bill continued.

The event continued until late in the afternoon. Hundreds of UKH students attended the event seeking jobs and internship opportunities. A total of 208 vacancies and 111 internship opportunities were provided in today’s fair.