Erbil History, Archaeology, Arts and Architecture (Session 4)

March 17, 2022

The Impact of Urban Transformation for Old Erbil City on the Structure of its Surroundings

Presented by Shaymaa Fadhil ALKUBAISI

Koya University

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Shaymaa Fadhil Alkubaisi is a graduate of the University of Technology, Architectural Department. She received her BSc degree in 1997, her MSc in 2000 in Urban Design, and her PhD degree in 2017. She also received a Diploma of Eco Design from (Ecodemia) from the British Academia in July 2021. Additionally, she has participated in a regional course on Cultural Heritage First Aid and “Peace and Resilience” in Times of Crisis 2021 from ICCRO. She has 22 years of creative work as a scientific researcher and a designer inside Iraq with teaching experience in many places like the University   of Technology in Baghdad, Koya University, Tishk International University and   Cihan University in Erbil.


This lecture will talk about the urban transformation of Erbil City and how it is constructed with time and the effect of the transformation of this structure on the surroundings neighborhoods like Taajeel, Khanaqa and Arab neighborhoods. This is an analytical study explaining why heritage areas have decayed, including suggestions to re connect with the live areas.

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Presented by: Mahmood A. Bakr Khayyat, PhD



17 March, 2022 2:00 pm


17 March, 2022 4:00 pm