Proudly and Successfully Organised by UKH School of Medicine: The First International Conference on Medicine in Kurdistan

By Ahmed Sabir

In the quest to shape tomorrow’s leaders, the university stands as a beacon, offering students the essential tools and proficiencies to become vital contributors to society. Among the distinguished departments of UKH, the School of Medicine proudly upholds its mission to elevate the Kurdistan region through unwavering dedication to academic excellence.

In a momentous evening that brimmed with esteemed dignitaries and renowned figures. Among the distinguished attendees were Dr. Saman Barzinji, the Minister of Health of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), Mr. Omed Khoshnaw, the esteemed Governor of Erbil, diplomats, presidents and deans representing esteemed public and private universities, members of the UKH Board of Governors, and a multitude of physicians specializing in diverse medical domains.

One of the foremost advantages of hosting a medical conference lies in the opportunity it presents for collaboration and networking. By bringing together renowned physicians, esteemed researchers, and eager learners, these conferences create an unparalleled environment for interdisciplinary discussions, fostering synergies across specialties. Such interactions not only bridge gaps between various medical domains but also pave the way for novel collaborations, spurring groundbreaking research collaborations and inspiring new perspectives.

The conference had local and international pharmaceuticals, medical companies, and training centers attention; Erbil international hospital, Atrumed healthcare participated on the side of the conference. The participants had a chance to interact directly with representatives from all those companies, creating a direct communication channel with them.

Ultimately, this conference bestowed an extraordinary occasion upon students, granting them an exclusive platform to showcase their personally conducted research studies. In an unparalleled setting, these young scholars seized the moment to present their insightful findings, exemplifying their passion for intellectual inquiry and forging a pathway towards expanding the boundaries of knowledge.