Introducing the Postgraduate Chronicle: Inspiring Success and Building
Connections Within the UKH Postgraduate Community and Beyond


Dear Postgraduate Students,
I am thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new journal, The Postgraduate Chronicle! As the Director of Postgraduate Studies, I am immensely proud to present this platform dedicated to keeping you informed and engaged with the latest developments, activities, and opportunities within our postgraduate community. This journal will serve as a vital communication channel, bridging the gap between the newly formed postgraduate studies directorate and our esteemed postgraduate students at UKH. This journal will not only focus on academic pursuits but also embrace the holistic development of our postgraduate community. We will bring you insightful interviews with key people and renowned scholars, inspiring stories of postgraduate achievements, and highlights from research and activities conducted within our university. The Postgraduate Chronicle will be a platform to celebrate your accomplishments, showcase your work, and connect with fellow students who share your passions and interests. The journal will also keep you informed about UKH in general, UG, and PG. Postgraduate studies are a unique and transformative phase in one’s academic journey. They present opportunities to delve deeper into our chosen fields, push the boundaries of knowledge, and contribute to society through groundbreaking research. However, this journey can also be challenging and overwhelming at times. It is our mission to provide you with the support, guidance, and inspiration you need to thrive during this crucial period of your life.

When I assumed the role of postgraduate studies director at UKH, my primary focus was to enhance four key areas: student welfare and engagement, policies and procedures, programmes offered, and the promotion of our masters’ and PhD programmes. Despite the relatively new establishment of the postgraduate studies directorate within UKH, I am delighted to share that we have made significant progress in all areas, thanks to the unwavering support of other departments and our dedicated colleagues. In our commitment to student welfare and engagement, we have organised various events and initiatives that foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for you to connect with fellow postgraduate students. With the help of Ms. Lesley Gaj and the library team, we implemented an extension of evening working hours on Sundays, with the intention of adding more days for you upon the success of this trail with the support of the services department. Moreover, the library is working together now on bringing you advanced research databases to facilitate your research journey. In the same vein, the Masters of Progress talk series has proven to be an invaluable platform for sharing knowledge, experiences, and insights, providing you with inspiration and guidance throughout your postgraduate journey. With the help of Prof. Tarik Rashid, the first season of the talk started with utilising AI for face recognition in KRG; the second session discussed the digital transformation of the empire world group; and the final session shed light on the trailblazing journey of Dr. Chnar Saad Abdullah in the world of politics.

On a social level, our Iftar event during Ramadan was a resounding success, creating a joyous atmosphere where students came together to celebrate and forge lasting friendships. The extra amount that we had from the Iftar event was donated to the new hairdressing room in Erbil Orphanage, where we arranged for a group of postgraduate students to visit the Rwanga Foundation to meet Dr. Roa’a Ahmed, the general supervisor of the orphanage, and to donate the items. In that meeting, we discussed what could be done by UKH postgraduate students to help the kids in the orphanage after listening to the types of challenges the kids face in the orphanage. We are currently developing a community outreach programme for our postgraduate students who have the time to volunteer to teach the kids and help them improve their skills. The official programme will be launched starting next academic year.

Since capturing memoirs is an essential part of our lives, with the help of Mr. Karokh Othman and the members of the Public Relations, Media, and Communications Department and Mr. Ahmed Hamad and the members of the Maintenance and Services Department, we organised an informal graduation photo day exclusively for PG2 students, allowing you to capture those cherished memories as you embark on the next phase of your academic and professional pursuits. Furthermore, in order to ensure that our postgraduate students are culturally current with relevant events in the region. We planned a fantastic trip to the Barzan area in order to visit the Barzani National Memorial, and we had a fantastic time doing so, both on the journey there and when learning about the remarkable history of the location. The participants took the pleasure of visiting the Barzani National Memorial, the magnificent building that serves as a significant Kurdish monument and is located in the midst of an expansive garden. The interior of the building features displays of the clothing, weaponry, tools, and personal belongings of the late General Mulla Mustafa Barzani and his esteemed companions, among other important displays. We enjoyed the memorial’s wide variety of services and amenities, including the library, the seminar rooms, the congress halls, and the guesthouse.

To conclude our activities for the student welfare and engagement for the academic year, we are launching “The Postgraduate Chronicle” with the help of five of our outstanding and passionate students that you will get to meet through their work in this issue of the journal, with more activities to come.

In our endeavour to refine policies and procedures, we understand the significance of creating an environment that nurtures your academic growth and success. As a result, I have promptly revised the re-sit viva policy to ensure that re-sit students are granted adequate time to prepare and excel in their assessments. With the help of Dr. Zana Ibrahim, I am delighted to share that the revised policy has received approval from the academic board and the university president, reinforcing our commitment to your academic progression.

Another interesting new addition to UKH is the new data center, where all students conducting research at UKH as part of their degrees have to submit a copy of the raw data to the library. The centre will be very helpful in the future for secondary data-based research and will serve as an important local database. Furthermore, I am currently finalising a comprehensive supervision system aimed at addressing the issues that have been reported and observed in the student-supervisor relationship. With the help of my fellow deans and IT department, this system will provide the necessary guidelines to foster effective communication, support, and guidance, promoting a positive and productive academic monitoring system for all. Moreover, I am thrilled to announce that we are actively developing two groundbreaking master’s programmes based on market needs. These programmes will be cross-school in nature, offering an innovative approach to module delivery through the introduction of the Block Delivery System. This system will revolutionise the way we structure and deliver courses in UKH, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and equipping you with a diverse skill set to thrive in today’s dynamic world. We anticipate unveiling these exciting programmes very soon, and we cannot wait to witness the positive impact they will have on the local community.

Lastly, we understand the importance of promoting awareness of our exceptional postgraduate programmes. During our market survey, we discovered that many individuals were unfamiliar with the programs we offer or our admission requirements. To address this issue, we started our marketing campaign with the help of the admissions department. We aim to increase awareness by a remarkable 60%. Our goal is to ensure that individuals seeking to further their education are well-informed about the exceptional masters and PhD opportunities available at UKH.

In conclusion, the launch of The Postgraduate Chronicle marks an exciting chapter in our efforts to enhance the postgraduate experience at UKH. This journal will serve as a valuable resource, providing you with updates, opportunities, and insights to enrich your academic journey. I invite you to actively engage with The Postgraduate Chronicle by submitting articles, sharing your achievements, and participating in various initiatives. Together, we will create a vibrant and supportive postgraduate community that fosters growth, collaboration, and lifelong connections. I look forward to embarking on this journey with you and witnessing the incredible accomplishments we will achieve as a unified postgraduate body. Stay tuned for the next edition of The Postgraduate Chronicle, coming to your inbox soon!

Warmest regards,
Ghaith Al-Abdallah

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