UKH Petroluem Engineering Students Visit Pishkabir Oil Filed

July 1, 2024

UKH Petroleum Engineering students conducted a successful field visit to DNO’s Pishkabir field. The visit provided an incredible opportunity for the students to see firsthand the various activities and operations that go into petroleum extraction and processing.  

The students had the chance to learn about advanced safety protocols and environmental measures in place, engage with experienced engineers who shared their insights and experiences, and explore the various stages of petroleum processing (extraction-to-refining). Furthermore, the students also visited the Central Processing Facility (CPF) and the Gas Plant to understand their crucial roles in the production process and the practical challenges and innovative solutions used in the field.

This hands-on experience was important in linking theoretical knowledge to real-world applications. It not only enhanced their understanding of petroleum engineering but also inspired them to pursue further research and careers in this dynamic field.