BSc in Computer Engineering

Four years $4,000 per academic year


Needs for Computer Engineers is growing due to the increasing number of factories, oil refineries and automated buildings, etc. while Computer Engineering programmes are not adequate in the region. The aim of the programme is to develop the know-how necessary to apply technology to engineering problems and processes in the above areas, and to maintain and manage current technology within a multidisciplinary engineering environment like Mathematics, Algorithmic, Electronics and Computer hardware and software. Therefore, the programme fits the growing need of computer engineers with necessary skills to be able to integrate rapidly into the industrial sector which is essential for the region in the future. Our students enjoy an environment of dynamic interaction with department staff who aim at continuously developing their learners’ skills. The Department also provides postgraduate programmes in Computer Engineering to promote scientific research.

Admission Requirements

  • High School Diploma: Secondary school certificate, attained within the last five years and with a general high school score of 75% and above.
  • Minimum Grade in Related Subjects: Minimum high school education score of 70% in Mathematics and Physics. School Entrance Test. Accumulative subject grades for physics and math = 140
  • English Language Proficiency: Minimum English Language requirement is 45 in PTE, 5.5 in IELTS -64 in ibt-TOEFL or 95 in Duolingo.
  • Scheduled interview
  • Equalized transcript is required for students who have graduated from international institutions.
  • Conditional Offer may be given to applicants who submit the required minimum score from Versant English Placement Test - Pearson.
  • Applicants dismissed for any reason from any university, school or college will not be considered.

  • Application Form: Online application is required
  • Official transcripts: Provide a copy of your official transcript (for applicants who graduated from international institutions, an equalized transcript is required).
  • Certification Letter from High School: Provide an official letter from your High School Confirming your High School Average.
  • A copy of your Passport/ID
  • One passport size photo


Some of the modules taught in this programme covering the key areas are: Computer communication and Networking, Computer Architecture and Organisation, Signals and Systems, Operating Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Image Processing, Embedded Systems, Industrial Computer Applications, Programmable Devices and Project Management. Final year project is realized by the students through two semesters. The project should cover the knowledges that the students earned during his/her stay in the university.

Skills Development

This programme will equip students with a strong foundation in the technological aspects of computer systems and their architectures also in embedded and industrial computers and electronic systems in general. Furthermore, Signal and Image Processing techniques are acquired throughout this programme. Technical and project management skills are taught to the students in order to be ready to manage reliable practical projects. System design skills are given to our students to design complex systems.

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